The worlds of death metal, thrash, and hardcore have been colliding a lot lately, and one of the brightest new voices in this venn diagram is UK band Burner, who have been dropping some killer singles lately. Now they've announced their debut EP, A Vision of the End, due June 17 via Church Road (pre-order). It includes their three recent singles ("Siege Fire," "Rat King Crown," and "Ingsoc"), plus the just-released title track, which features guest vocals by Travis LeSaffre of Boston hardcore band Sick Minds. Like the previous three tracks, it's a total rager, and it's getting us very excited to hear the rest of this EP. Listen to all the currently-released songs below.

1. Ingsoc
2. Nothing but War
3. Death Worship
4. A Vision of The End (feat. Travis of SICK MINDS)
5. Siege Fire
6. Rat King Crown


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