UK trio Plone were around in the late '90s making what some dubbed "tweetronica": whimsical instrumental music made on vintage analogue synthesizers and influenced by BBC Radiophonic Workshop, '60s soundtracks, and more. The group were in the same general scene as Pram and Broadcast (Plone's Billy Bainbridge toured as part of Broadcast for Haha Sound), and were signed to Warp in the UK and Matador in North America. Following two EPs Plone released their debut album, For Beginner Piano, in 1999; a second album was recorded but never officially released, and they broke up in 2001.

Now a duo of Bainbridge and Michael Johnston, Plone are back and have released their first album in 21 years (19 if you count the unreleased one), titled Puzzlewood, which is out via the Ghost Box label. Not much has changed with Plone: they're still making plinky-plonky instrumentals that could've soundtracked game shows, documentaries or commercials in the '60s, '70s or '80s. There's a bit of an 8-bit vibe to Puzzlewood too, and if you dig stuff like Anamanaguchi, it's not a million miles away. (Also recommended if you like Broadcast, Stereolab and High Llamas.)

Welcome back, Plone! Stream Puzzlewood below.