Johnny Foreigner

UK indie rockers Johnny Foreigner are currently touring North American and will play NYC tonight (11/6) at Glasslands with Motive and Rumors. Tickets are still available. All upcoming tour dates are below.

The group haven't toured this side of the Atlantic in a couple years. Maybe some of you, like me, caught them at CMJ 2008. I saw JF at a day party at Public Assembly and my main recollection from that show -- besides them being pretty good -- was that singer Alexei Berrow was absolutely drenched in sweat by the second song. They put their all into it. You can stream Johnny Foreigner's 2011 album, Johnny Foreigner vs Everything, below and is recommended for fans of Los Campesinos! (with whom they've toured) and other spazzy/anthemic guitar pop.

Album stream and tour dates are listed below.


Johnny Foreigner - Salt, Peppa and Spinderella

Johnny Foreigner - 2012 Tour Dates
Nov. 6th - Glasslands Gallery, New York NY tickets with Motive and Rumours
Nov. 7th - Great Scott, Alston MA, tickets with Guillermo Sexo and Speedy Ortiz and Infinity Girl
Nov. 8th - Sierra Grill, Northampton MA, 10pm $3 with Pachangacha, Nervous Passenger and Speedy Ortiz
Nov. 9th - Binghampton University, Vestal NY, free entry, with Steve Labreque's Wild Ride
Nov. 10th - The Green House, Pittsburgh PA, with Nervous Passenger and Legs Like Treetrunks
Nov. 11th - 40 Walker Street, Athens OH, with Nervous Passenger
Nov. 12th - Rachaels Cafe, Bloomington IN, with Nervous Passenger
Nov. 13th - Milhouse, Kalamazoo, MI, with Nervous Passenger and Forget the Times
Nov. 14th - The Sound Cellar, Chesterton IN, with Nervous Passenger
Nov. 15th - Johnny Foreigner Vs Chicago, Subterranean with Waterhouse, My Dad and Nervous Passenger
Nov. 16th - The Sett at Union South, Madison WI, with Nervous Passenger
Nov. 17th - Johnny Foreigner Vs Swerp, Swerp Mansion, Chicago IL. with Nervous Passenger, Noumenon, and Scoundrel
Nov. 21st - Blackshire Pub, London ON with Elos Arma and More More
Nov. 22nd - TBA, Guelph ON with Elos Arma and Bowjia, $5 all ages
Nov. 23rd - TBA, Toronto with Elos Arma
Nov. 24th - TBA
Nov. 25th - Montreal TBA

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