Alfa Mist has become a staple of the UK jazz renaissance, and -- fresh off appearing on last year's Blue Note: Reimagined -- he has announced his fourth album, Bring Backs, due April 23 via ANTI-, his first for the label (pre-order).

The album's first single is "Run Outs," which combines chilled-out jazz with skittering electronic production and feels classic and futuristic all at once. "'Run Outs' is a street game I remember playing when I was younger," says Alfa. "I used to think of making beats and playing with a band as separate worlds until I realised I was always trying to achieve the same thing. Making the music I want to make. With the song 'Run Outs' I'm bringing together the vibe of my earliest beats with where I'm at today."

The album was recorded with Jamie Leeming (guitar), Kaya Thomas-Dyke (bass and vocals), Jamie Houghton (drums) and Johnny Woodham (trumpet), and singer/rapper Lex Amor appears on a track. ANTI-'s press release notes that the album's nine songs are "tied together" by a poem by Hilary Thomas "expressing the sensuous realities of building community in a new country."

Listen to the new song and check out the artwork and tracklist below...

1. Teki
2. People (feat. Kaya Thomas-Dyke)
3. Mind The Gap (feat. Lex Amor)
4. Run Outs
5. Last Card (Bumper Cars)
6. Coasting
7. Attune
8. Once A Year
9. Organic Rust