Static Dress are one of the most exciting new metalcore/post-hardcore bands in the UK (and just in general) at the moment, and they’ve just released a killer new song and video, “Sweet.” It’s mix of chaotic, screamy metalcore and pop hooks will bring you right back to peak-era Underoath, but Static Dress make it their own and make it sound totally fresh. Check it out below.

This song has some real mid 2000s vibes, but if you’re unfamiliar with the band, it’s clear from their other recent singles that they don’t limit themselves to nostalgia or even to heavy music. As vocalist Olli Appleyard said in a recent interview with Underground Underdogs, “There’s so much music that we all enjoy collectively that I don’t want to ever limit us away from being able to do. It’s like, if we wanted to write a classical ensemble, we’ve got guys in the band who can do that. If we wanted to write a film score, we’ve literally got people who can do it.”

Watch the video for the new song and a few older songs below. Static Dress also have some Europe/UK tour dates coming up, including Download Festival and a run supporting Creeper.


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