There is psych and there is psych. UK trio Anthroprophh definitely fall into the latter, with some heavy, out there stuff, man. (Main man Paul ‘Prof’ Allen fronted legendary cult band The Heads in the ’90s and ’00s.) Anthroprophh released their debut album last year and its follow-up, Outside The Circle, will be out September 15 via Rocket Recordings (the home of GOAT). The first taste of the new LP is “Crow With Sore Throat,” an amphetamine-fueled fuzzbomb that careens like a truck down a mountain with no brakes. That description also applies to the the song’s music video, which makes its debut in this post.

In other news, The Heads (with Allen) will come out of hibernation as Artists in Residence at the 2015 Roadburn Festival which happens April 9 – 12 in Tilberg, The Netherlands.

Watch the Anthroprophh video and check out tracklist for Outside The Circle, below…

Anthroprophh – Crow With Sore Throat

Anthroprophh – Outside The Circle tracklist
01 Returning (6:26)
02 Dead man on the scene (2.44)
03 2013 And she told me
I was die (2:48)
04 Albrechtdron (1:06)
05 Gottmelt (1:35)
06 Detached and in its own mind
riding a ghost train through a
fairground it had built itself(5:52)
07 The ruins of st. Luckwell (0:57)
08 Crow with sore throat (2:51)
09 Space box zonk machine (2:45)
10 Dog (1:45)
11 Outside the circle (9:10)
12 See (5:50)
13 New impossibilities part 3 (1:12)