I'm a Queen AND Scissor Sisters fan, but I don't get Mika.The headlines:


Mika records using Mercury's piano

Mika Rockets To Number One With Debut Single 'Grace Kelly'

Mika Claims Top Spot On UK Chart

Mika Set To Be The Biggest Music Sensation Since The Arctic Monkeys

...yeah - the UK's latest sensation seems like some sick major label experiment (signed to Universal)...that's working.

Mika @ The Box, NYC | Jan. 22, 2007
Mika @ The Box

I was invited to see him perform on Monday at the new (but not officially opened yet) venue The Box on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I already knew Mika was annoying, but I couldn't resist the opportunity (there was open bar too). It was an invite-only showcase, but they (Universal?) must have invited everyone they ever met because the place was PACKED - not exactly the positive experience I had in the same venue when Queens of The Stone Age played there.

Luckily it wasn't too long before Mika and band took the stage, and I managed to find a somewhat comfortable spot. Three-and-a-half songs in, curiosity satisfied, I left. Maybe I should have at least held out for the gift bag.

Mika @ The Box

Mika @ The Box

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