Bichkraft, who we mentioned were supposed to be
playing three shows in Brooklyn this weekend as part of Northside Festival, will not be making it:

Those shows Bichkraft were supposed to play included Saturday's Warf Cat showcase (6/11) at Union Pool with Posse, Honey and more; the Pitchfork showcase at Saint Vitus on Saturday with Priests, Marshtepper, Lotic and more, and the Ramp Local showcase at Alphaville on Sunday(6/12)  with Luxardo, Banned Books and more. Those showcases go on as planned, just without Bichkraft.

The good news is, even though it's too late for Northside, Bichkraft's visas just got approved and the band says "we are looking forward to visit USA in next few weeks and still play shows!" Stay tuned for details. Until then, listen to their most recent LP, Mascot, below.

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