Buzzy New Zealand death metal crew Ulcerate had previously announced their new album Shrines of Paralysis and a North American tour to go along with it. Now they've shared the first song from that album, an 8-minute monster called "Extinguished Light."

It doesn't take long to see what all the fuss is about with these guys. It starts with a jittery stop-start guitar pattern that feels indebted to Gorguts but with a swaggering energy of its own. As the song continues through its long running time it continues to stun, with a frenzied double-kick section giving way to hits and legitimately pretty arpeggios before a closing section that feels close to anthemic. There's a huge amount of range here, and no wasted compositional motion, and, well, this song is a stunner.

As mentioned, Ulcerate will be on tour in the US later this year. They'll play an NYC show with Zhrine and Phobocosm on November 29 at Saint Vitus. Tickets for that are still on sale.

Listen to "Extinguished Light":

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