Kansas power pop/emo vets Ultimate Fakebook initially broke up in 2003, after releasing the Before We Spark EP, though they've reunited a few times since the late 2000s and in 2010 they released Daydream Radio Is Smiling Static, a compilation of songs they had recorded back in the day. Now, though, they're finally set to release a new album, The Preserving Machine, on April 10 via Sonic Ritual Recordings (pre-orders launch on 1/31). It'll feature their first new material in 16 years, and it'll be their first new full-length album in 18 years, the last being 2002's Open Up and Say Awesome. No songs are out from the album yet, but they put out a 33-second teaser video for the album, soundtracked by some ambient music, and you can check that out below. That's the album artwork above.