Ultimate Painting are back with their fourth album, titled Up!, on April 6 (preorder). It's their first album for Bella Union after three in three years for Trouble in Mind. Jack Cooper and James Haore initially toyed with heading in a more synth-oriented direction before scrapping those sessions. "We both initially had the idea that we wanted to make a record that had more of an electronic element," explains James. "We thought we’d try to go slightly more in that direction. Drum machines, synths and so on." Jack adds, "We started to question what people wanted from us and in the process I think we briefly lost the idea of what the band was."

After working on separate projects -- Cooper made a solo album and Hoare released a new LP with his other group, Proper Ornaments -- a refocused Ultimate Painting regrouped in the summer of 2017 and made Up! in two weeks. You can check out the Jack Cooper-sung "Not Gonna Burn Myself Anymore," along with album art and tracklist, below.


Ultimate Painting - Up! tracklist:
1. Needles In My Eyes
2. Not Gonna Burn Myself Anymore
3. I Am Your Gun
4. Foul & Fair
5. Someone’s Out To Get You
6. Take Shelter
7. My Procedure
8. Lying In Charles Street
9. The Darkness In His Eyes
10. Snake Pass

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