Ultimate Painting are in NYC as we speak, playing Bowery Ballroom tonight (12/7) with tourmates EZTV and Juan Wauters. This year's Dusk is arguably the band's best record yet, with three years of playing together bringing Jack Cooper and James Haore's songwriting styles a little closer to each other, while their guitar interplay -- part Velvet Underground, part Grateful Dead -- remains as crucial as ever. If you haven't taken it for a spin, you can listen below. They're a terrific live band, and those warm tones will sound good on a cold night like tonight, and tickets for the Bowery show are still available.

Jack Cooper is one of the many artists to send us a Top 10 list this year. We'll let him take it from here:

I usually get obsessed with different bands or types of music and it stops me being open to new stuff, but this year I've managed to stay relatively un-obsessed. There's been some really great records in 2016 but I think my favourite is probably the 75 Dollar Bill LP and Parquet Courts' Human Performance. The last one was great, and I love Andrew's songs, but it was cool to hear more Austin Brown songs on this LP too.

My highlight of the year was sitting at the side of the stage watching Yo La Tengo at Pickathon. Just the best band and as suspected, the best people too.

Check out Jack's Top 10 list, along with a stream of Ultimate Painting's Dusk, below.

Jack Cooper of Ultimate Painting's Top 10 LPs of 2016 (in no order)
Omni - Deluxe (Trouble In Mind)
Sunwatchers - Sunwatchers (Castleface)
A Giant Dog - Pile (Merge)
JC Flowers - Driving Excitement and the Pleasure of Ownership (ATP)
Nap Eyes - Though Rock Fish Scale (Paradise Of Bachelors)
Parquet Courts - Human Performance (Rough Trade)
XAM Duo - XAM Duo (Sonic Cathedral)
75 Dollar Bill - WOOD / METAL / PLASTIC / PATTERN / RHYTHM / ROCK (Thin Wrist)
Horse Lords - Interventions (Northern Spy)
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Void Beats/Invocation Trex (Duophonic)

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