Those of us who follow Norwegian musician and former Ulver member Håvard "Haavard" Jørgensen's Instagram page have eagerly been awaiting something (anything) to come from the small snippets of Norwegian folk-inspired classical guitar music and black metal. Finally, we received fruition a few months ago with the announcement of a nom du plume-eponymous record, Haavard. In classic Kveldssanger style, Haavard's delicate and folk-melody-forward finger-picked style is resonant and beautiful, echoing the snow-capped mountains and fog-steeped fjords of the country he calls home.

On new single "Mot Soleglad," Haavard is joined by his former Ulver bandmate Kristoffer "Garm" Rygg. Though the two have been on recordings together as recently as 2017 (Haavard lent his guitar stylings to "1969" off the lauded The Assassination of Julius Caesar), this is the first time the duo has performed "neofolk" together since UIver's 1996 album Kveldssanger, the second installation in what is affectionately known as the Trilogie (Bergtatt, Kveldssanger, and Nattens Madrigal). The song itself is delicate, but resolute. With decades of musical experience under both their belts, Haavard's guitar work is technical but tasteful, and Rygg's voice is in a much more natural range (Kveldssanger featured him as a baritone) when compared to their earlier outing. It all feels much more comfortable and less intense than before, and it is lovely.

Haavard releases November 11 via Prophecy Productions.

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