Bloodiest @ Saint Vitus in Nov. (more by BBG)

When music documentarian (((unartig))) was first asked about a year end contribution, his initial reflex was: "Sausage - Hummus - Hitler!", the first two clearly being worse than the third. But then a performance enhancing Hewlett-Packard printer got in the way and spat out the list of 10 bands, video shot (((unartig))) included, that is below...


Top10 of Music Related Discoveries OF 2011

(1) Bloodiest

(2) Virginia Plain

(3) Ash Borer

(4) Worm Ouroboros

(5) Tamaryn

(6) Den Svarta Fanan

(7) Oak

(8) Vuk

(9) Altaar

(10) Aerial Ruin

Disclaimer: These are not necessarily 'new new' artists, just personal 2011 discoveries.