Before Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats started taking off with the 2011 self-release of Blood Lust, they had released their 2010 debut Vol. 1 on 30 CD-Rs. It's been bootlegged in the time since then, but now it's finally getting an official, widespread release on October 13 via Rise Above Records (pre-order). It's been remixed and remastered, and it'll be out on CD and vinyl. Here's more info from main member Kevin Starrs:

It was a D.I.Y project from the beginning so I wasn’t going to give it up and let someone else mess with it. I Also wasn't going to cash in on something for the sake of it. I wanted it to sound the best that it possibly could. The record deserves my full attention, so with no new album to distract anyone in 2017, it was the perfect time to work on it and release it on CD and Vinyl. It can stand on it's own...flaws included.

We're premiering the remixed and remastered "Crystal Spiders" from the album. If you've never heard Vol. 1 in any form, it's instantly clear from "Crystal Spiders" that the Uncle Acid sound was already fully formed by the time of this low-profile debut release. The Sabbath riffs, the Lennon vocals, the charmingly lo-fi production -- it's all there. If you're a fan, this remaster will hit the spot right away. If you've never checked out Uncle Acid but you dig Electric Wizard, Ty Segall, or Tame Impala, you probably wanna do yourself a favor and listen as well.

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