Oakland post-rockers Unconditional Arms are releasing their first new music in four years and first full-length album since their 2013 debut LP, Formation, on April 3 via Sell The Heart Records (pre-order). Main member Jeff Wright made this one with drummer Ross Traver, and it features a few guest musicians as well, including Randy Staat, Christopher Sturm, Tyler Thalken, Julie Lydell, and Scott Goodrich. Here's what Jeff says about it:

For years, I had every intention of making a second full-length record for Unconditional Arms. As time went on, the band progressed in ways the made me lose sight of my original vision for the project. In addition, when I wrote and recorded Kinship I was twenty-two years old, living in a slumlord- owned loft in West Oakland that I paid cash under the table for, working roughly 3-4 days a week until the wee hours of the morning. I did not carry 10% of the responsibilities that I do today. Time, madness, logistics and honestly a seed of hopelessness for the project set in and I was unable to move forward in the way I wanted to. I felt lost. I developed some other projects to explore those feelings in the interim, of which I still participate in, but I could never shake the feeling that I did something to Unconditional Arms that I never wanted to do: I turned it into a regular band, rather than a meaningful project.

“Formation“ is the culmination of many things, but more so a reflection of my flawed ideation of compassion. An auditory exploration of my constant grapple with time, relationships and responsibility. It is a gift that I have wanted but did not have the knowledge to receive. A love letter to my growth.

We're premiering second single "Westbrae Sunrise," which is a gorgeous, climactic dose of instrumental post-rock that strikes that perfect balance between melancholic and hopeful. Julie Lydell plays piano on this one, and Jeff says it's "for my best friend, Erin." Listen to both the new song and previous single "You're Just As Desperate" below.

Unconditional Arms also play two California shows this week -- details below.

Just Ask Someone
Bad Day No Reason
You’re Just As Desperate
Westbrae Sunrise

Unconditional Arms -- 2020 Tour Dates
Oakland, CA - February 27th - Elbo Room Jack London w/ Reptoid, Facet, Commissure
Santa Rosa, CA - February 28th - Orchard House w/ Bad Thoughts, Feeling Sad

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