The lines between the different waves of emo may look clearly drawn from afar, but if you squint a little harder you're always gonna find bands that defied the narrative, like Michigan's underrated Dead By Sunday. They existed between 1999 and 2003, when the third wave was in full swing, but they sounded either too late for the second wave or too early for the fourth wave/emo revival. Their scrappy, catchy songs would've fit right in with The Promise Ring and The Get Up Kids circa 1997, and they've got a little OG screamo in their DNA too, and they sound fresh enough to hang with all the "revival" bands that came later on. They never fully got their due, but maybe that's about to change, as Count Your Lucky Stars is compiling the band's full discography for a new release, Fall Asleep to Regret, due December 9 (pre-order). The songs were recorded back in the day with Marc Jacob Hudson (who went on to work with Against Me!, Taking Back Sunday, and more), and Marc remixed and remastered them for this release.

We're premiering the album's first single and opening track, "Mexico Sounds Nice," which features all three members sharing vocal duties. Guitarist Chris Thibodeau says, "'Mexico Sounds Nice' is a song that explores the visceral need to escape your current situation, that desire to jump into a car and drive as far away as possible. While at times difficult, these moments allow for deep reflection into the past and can help form a new perspective of the unknown road in front of us." Listen below.

Dead By Sunday

Mexico Sounds Nice
Mark It Zero
Decoding the Silence
Progression is a Dead End Street
This Gun's For Hire
Niagra Fell
Count to SIx
Self Defense
Song Six
I Just Want Something I Can Ignore
There was a Firefight

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