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Wrekmeister Harmonies

Chicago sound artist J.R. Robinson is like Alan Lomax with an editor's pen. The first full-length record from Wrekmeister Harmonies captures three elliptical drone improvisations staged in museums, intercut with field recordings of ambient sounds from public places and some in-studio editing from a rotating cast of collaborators. The on-site recordings are fascinating, particularly a performance from the Andy Warhol Museum ("Pittsburgh"), which features U.S. Maple's dueling guitarists Mark Shippy and Matt Carson and finds its lurching rhythm after a collage of disembodied crowd voices blends into vocal contortions from the Jesus Lizard's David Yow. - [Decibel]

Wrekmeister Harmonies presumably won't have Yow in tow when they descend upon Knitting Factory on August 8th (tickets) but they will share the stage with another Jesus Lizard-er. NYC band unFact, which features David Wm. Sims, is also on the bill with Chris Brokaw (ex-Codeine) and Peg Simone (WH and PSplayed together in January too).

unFact is also scheduled to play the Knitting Factory on June 29th alongside two other bands that feature figures from other great bands: Lapis Lazuli (which features Kurt Wolf of Pussy Galore & Boss Hog) will headline the night with an assist from Avondale Airforce (which features Peter Aaron of Chrome Cranks & Stanton Warren). Git yer tix.

In other Brooklyn show news, High on Fire are coming to MHOW, Sleep are coming to Masonic Temple, Javelina & Hot Graves & Unearlthy Trance open for Floor at Europa this Saturday, and Jucifer & Gloominous Doom play right affterwards at Union Pool.

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