The industrial-metal alloy that is Uniform are back with new album Shame which will be out September 11 via Sacred Bones. This is the first Uniform album to feature drummer Mike Sharp, and guitarist Ben Greenberg produced as usual. Frontman Michael Berdan says the record was inspired by classic noir films and novels, but is also more personal than before. “Books and cinema have always been integral to my life, and that is often because of how I relate to the themes and characters therein," says Berdan. "I am naturally shy and terrified of being misunderstood. This time around, I endeavored to trudge through those fears in order to explicitly articulate what goes on in a dreary corner of my inner life...As I set about the task of writing everything down, I experienced exorcism. If I wanted any kind of reprieve, I had to let go of the narrative that the demons in the back of my head had been constantly whispering to me. For years I held onto my lyrics like personal diary entries. Now is the time for a different approach.”

The first single and opening track on Shame is a crusher titled "Delco" -- slang for Delaware County -- which is about Berdan's upbringing in West Philly. “During my adolescence I would get routinely picked on and beat up by some of the kids in the neighborhood who I desperately wanted to like me. The more beatings I caught, the more I’d go back to try and impress them. My self esteem was nonexistent and I developed psychological calluses. I learned to repeat some of the behaviors that had been leveled my way on those beneath me in the pecking order. In time, I became numb. Getting older and attempting to reconcile with personal demons surrounding depression, anxiety and substance abuse has forced me to take a long, hard look at my childhood. In the process I've realized to degrees just how I've perpetuated learned cycles of harm. A terrified part of me is still a little kid in Delco. This song is an exercise in trying to come to terms with these ghosts and let go. Some days are better than others.”

You can listen to "Delco," and check out Shame's tracklist and artwork, below.

Uniform also feature on an album of Black Sabbath covers by Sacred Bones artists that also features Zola Jesus, Thou, Marissa Nadler, The Soft Moon, Moon Duo, Hilary Woods, and more.


Shame Tracklist:
1 - Delco
2 - The Shadow of God’s Hand
3 - Life in Remission
4 - Shame
5 - All We’ve Ever Wanted
6 - Dispatches from the Gutter
7 - This Won’t End Well
8 - I Am the Cancer

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