We've been asking artists about their favorite albums of 2022, and this latest list comes from all three members of Brooklyn industrial/noise trio Uniform: vocalist Michael Berdan, guitarist Ben Greenberg, and drummer Mike Sharp. Their picks range from Chat Pile to Full of Hell to Bitchin Bajas to Innumerable Forms to KMRU & Aho Ssan to Spit and Shine to a Miles Davis compilation, and there's a good chance you'll discover something you haven't heard yet from this list. Read on for all their picks and what they had to say about each one...


Ben Greenberg:

Miles Davis - That's What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series
If you don't like '80s Miles you're a narc. Effortless mastery.

Chat Pile - God's Country
Finally, good noise rock. More Shorty than U.S. Maple. more Cop Shoot Cop than Jesus Lizard. Notes of New Flesh, White Mice AND White Suns. I've avoided most of the current discourse about this band, but I grew up on Amphetamine Reptile and I heavily approve of this record.

Full of Hell - Aurora Leaking From An Open Wound
Full of Hell have a rare blend of prolific quantity and absolute quality. This new release adds disgusting psychedelic noise and sludgy feels that most bands would be scared to attempt into an already stupefying mix. At once Harvey Milk, Cows, and Naked City, these guys always keep me guessing for less obvious references--maybe they just sound like Full of Hell.

Mike Sharp:

Bitchin Bajas - Bajascillators
Can’t believe it. They just keep getting better.

Fürsattl - Rheinlust
This whole album puts the motorik on sleep mode. Dreamy comp of singles and some newer tracks from Claremont 56’s long lost kraut darlings.

Innumerable Forms - Philosophical Collapse
Completely illiterate and utterly miserable. No one even comes close. Death metal and doom that just shotguns you like a fuckin’ cold one.

Michael Berdan:

KMRU / Aho Ssan - Limen
My personal favorite work from both of these producers. Torture and ecstacy dancing on the head of a pin. I'm in awe.

Fret - Because Of The Weak
Heaviest tracks I've heard all year by a mile. Absolutely crippling production from a master of extreme music. I'd put the Lull record on this list as well but I'm terrified enough of Mick Harris posting a twitter video where he rips on me for being some random dickhead kissing his ass in a widely published "Best Of 2022" list as it is.

Shit and Shine - Phase Corrected
You never really know what you are gonna get when it comes to Shit and Shine. Although I love his electronic records, Phase Corrected (along with last year's utterly punishing record) has been a welcome return to form. Truly antagonistic distortion worship with enough low end to cause structural damage to your average home.

Thought Broadcast - Swarm Structure
Incredibly meditative and occasionally terrifying meld of music concréte and ritualistic electronics. A reflection of New York at its most dismal. It sounds how Canal Street feels. If you know, you know.

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