UK group Unloved are the de facto house band for BBC America's hit series Killing EveDavid Holmes, who does the score for the series, is one third of the group alongside vocalist Jade Vincent and her partner Keefus Ciancia, and Unloved's twangy tech-noir sound, informed by French pop and '60s soundtracks, is perfect for the tongue-in-cheek world of intrigue Killing Eve presents.

Unloved usually have a song or two in each episode, and this past Sunday's Season 3 premiere featured their brand new single "Why Not" in a particularly gory scene. “Something about this killer music filled me with a strange kind of defiance,” Unloved vocalist Jade Vincent says of the lyrics. “Suddenly I’m boldly retelling this lovelorn experience that really confused me to my core and changed me for the better. It’s an angsty cry of WHY! and a prideful response WHY NOT?! Or it could be the other way around. I still can’t tell because it felt so good, even with a hole in my heart.” The single's a lot of fun and you can stream it, along with the Killing Eve Season 3 trailer, below.

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