Skuzz punks Unnatural Helpers went through a few lineup changes over the years, and in the early '00s there was a time where main man Dean Whitmore was backed by Lars Finberg (The Intelligence) and Jed Maheu (Zig Zags). Some recordings from that era have been unearthed and will released as Wonder Years (The Lost First Recordings) via Famous Class on October 20. (Preorder.) Dean talks a little about the era:

Standing around guzzling beers at a show at the long defunct Gibson House in the early 2000’s, Brian Foss the booker, mentioned an upcoming show w/ the Evaporators to Lars, Jed & I. Quickly surveying the scene & seeing we had a 3 piece at hand & could grab the show, somebody said “Can we play that? Yeah, umm… we’ve got a new band, it’s sounding pretty good, it’s called ummm… we’ll get back to you with the name”. A band was born.

Jed & I might’ve been playing in the Intelligence then. Lars & I might’ve been playing in Dipers then. Min was in the Intelligence w/ us for a time & the A Frames w/ Lars. Mike from Double Fudge played in Intelligence, Welcome and later Unnatural Helpers with me. It’s difficult to peel apart all of the bands & be sure which shows you saw, which shows you played, who might’ve playing with who at that time. We were all psyched to be playing music. Energy was high, down time was unacceptable. Forward we moved.

Finberg recored and mixed the original recordings and we've got the premiere of "Long List of Complaints" which you can check out via a video put together by Jessica Hundley from found Super 8 footage. You can watch that below.



* Bring Yr Lovin’
* Long List of Complaints
* Angst
* My Brother’s Been Kissin’ My Girlfriend
* Rootin’ Around
* Sittin’ Around With Big Men Flexing Their Muscles
* I Out
* Beat One Out

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