We've said it before and we'll say it again: keep an eye on your phone at concerts and festivals. The latest news of a rash of concert phone thefts comes from The Roundhouse in London. The Standard reports that during a show from metalcore band While She Sleeps, up to 100 cellphones were stolen from their owners. One attendee, Daniel Snow, was told that the thefts were approaching "record-breaking" levels, with security aware of 50 stolen phones after the first three songs of the show. "The gang were clearly organised," he told The Standard. "Metal fans are a great community. No real fan would do something like this."

Another attendee said that while waiting at the lost and found for an hour, hoping to recover his phone, he saw, "a constant flow of people coming out saying we’ve had our phones nicked." "From the people I saw and talked to, and the amount of people coming and going, I’d say there was a minimum of 100 people," he said.

A Met spokesperson told The Standard, "police have received 14 individual reports from people who stated that their mobile phones had been stolen either inside or outside a concert venue."