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Coffinworm in Austin (more here)

Besides supporting High On Fire and playing with the reunited Deathcycle, Unearthly Trance has a new show in our midst, playing The Charleston on August 14th with Archon, Syphilitic Lust and the great Coffinworm! The show is part of a short string of East Coast dates for 'da Worm, who will welcome their incredible debut When All Became None (that was released on Profound Lore earlier this year on CD) on gatefold vinyl via Seventh Rule. The pressing is limited to a scant 500 copies, so order that bitch when it hits the Seventh Rule store kiddies.

Meanwhile, Ryan of Unearthly Trance is not only prepping the release of V via Relapse as well as his split with The Endless Blockade for Chrome Peeler, but also has a new release out for his another project, Pollution. Out now via Pollution guitarist Light's imprint, C6 Recordings, the ®SMUT is currently available at the C6 webstore with the first 93 orders coming with a baggie of "smut confetti". I'm guessing you don't use that for grandma's birthday party.

And while we're on the subject, Ryan's other other project, The Howling Wind, released Into The Cryosphere via Profound Lore earlier this year.

Both Pollution AND Coffinworm are scheduled to play Dudefest 2010 this year, alongside Arab On Radar, Municipal Waste, Trap Them, and many esteemed others. We interviewed Coffinworm earlier this year.

Full tour dates and some video is below...

Pollution at Ahpeele 2010/04/03

Coffinworm @ Hoeks Death Metal Pizza 3/18/10

Jul 9 2010 The Emerson Theater - DUDEFEST Indianapolis, Indiana
Aug 6 2010 The Dojo w/ Altar of Plagues (Ireland), Velnias, Kata Sarka, & Tunguska Indianapolis, Indiana
Aug 14 2010 The Charleston w/ Unearthly Trance, Archon, & Syphilitic Lust Brooklyn, NY
Aug 20 2010 The Dojo w/ Tombs & Planks Indianapolis, IN
Oct 10 2010 The Melody Inn w/ Unearthly Trance, SUMA, & Racebannon Indianapolis, IN
Oct 10 2010 Melody inn w/ SUMA, Racebannon, Coffinworm !!! Indianapolis, IN

Jul 27 2010 Music hall of williamsburg w/ HIGH ON FIRE ! williamsburg, ny
Jul 30 2010 The Broadway Bar Lee altomare benefit w/ Deathcycle and Communion. Amityville, NY
Aug 14 2010 The Charleston W/ Coffinworm, Archon Brooklyn, NY
Oct 1 2010 AS220, w/ SUMA / Sin Of Angels PROVIDENCE, Rhode Isla
Oct 2 2010 ELEVENS w/ SUMA and Black Pyramid Northampton, MA
Oct 5 2010 Half Penny Pub w/ SUMA Syracuse, ny
Oct 10 2010 Melody inn w/ SUMA, Racebannon, Coffinworm !!! Indianapolis, IN

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