Condo Fucks @ Magnetic Field in 2008 (more by Bryan Bruchman)
Condo fucks

Exactly a week before they play the Norton Records celebration at the Bell House, The Condo Fucks will open for The Glands at Mercury Lounge (one of two previously mentioned NYC-area shows that the reunited Georgia band are playing). Tickets for Mercury Lounge and Maxwell's (where Emperor X open) are still on sale.

The Glands have also announced more shows since we last spoke. They're all listed below...

The Glands -- 2011 Tour Dates
Thursday, November 3 @ Black Cat Backstage (Washington, DC) w/ Romania & the Jaab
Friday, November 4 @ Mercury Lounge (New York, NY) w/ Condo Fucks
Saturday, November 5 @ Maxwell's (Hoboken, NJ) w/ Emperor X
Sunday, November 6 @ Milkboy (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Like a Fox
Tuesday, November 8 @ King's Barricade (Raleigh, NC) w/ North Elementary
Wednesday, November 9 @ The Handlebar (Greenville, SC) w/ Co.

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