Comedian Aaron Glaser discussed his plans to sue NYC improv group Upright Citizens Brigade for gender discrimination in late 2017 after he was banned from his monthly gig at UCB Theater following multiple accusations of sexual assault, harassment, and rape. He's now done just that, according to the NY Post, who report that Glaser "firmly believes that there was a gender bias at UCB — whose mantra is 'Believe all women.'" Glaser's suit says that UCB "should be stripped of the federal money it received as part of a small-business loan for believing 'hollow and wrongful allegations of sexual misconduct' because of its prejudice against men," and accuses UCB director Shannon O’Neill of having "labeled Mr. Glaser a ‘privileged white man’ and decided that he must be guilty because he looks like other people who have been guilty of crimes in the past." Glaser claims he had a "mental breakdown" after his banning; his lawyer adds that Glaser has "been unable to secure any comedy opportunities, and his employment prospects are close to nonexistent." Glaser further slams the investigation of the accusations against him as a "sham," saying that while he wasn't questioned himself, "somehow, I’ve been convicted of a very, very serious crime by what is literally a clown college."

Glaser previously sued fellow NY comedian Jasmine Pierce for $38 million, claiming "defamation" and "intentional infliction of emotional distress." Pierce didn't claim to have been assaulted by Glaser herself, but referred to Glaser as a "rapist" on social media, writing, "Aaron Glaser is a rapist, don’t book him. The only place he shouldn’t be banned from is prison." Glaser later dropped the suit after running out of money, as he told Jezebel.

According to an anonymous Facebook post, eight women came forward with accusations against Glaser, including seven who hadn't spoken to the press.

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