Chicago rock greats Urge Overkill have announced their first album in a decade. It's titled Oui and will be out January 28 via Omnivore Recordings. Nash Kato and Eddie "King" Roeser's last UO album was 2011's very good Rock N' Roll Submarine, and that was their first album since 1995's Exit the Dragon.

Oui features 11 new originals and a cover of Wham!'s 1984 hit, "Freedom" which they turn into a typically riff-rocking Urge Overkill song. “The King & l were wrapping up a rather odd (albeit pleasant) acoustic ‘Dynamic Duo’ tour through EuroTown and enduring our rather fortunate exodus from Moscow," says Nash of how they came to cover Wham. "Naturally, our TM/chauffeur was tuned into some crazy station (and anything goes on Radio Free Europe?) whence we heard 'Freedom.' It sounded vaguely familiar, but instantly catchy? After returning home, we eventually found it online (the word 'freedom' our only clue) and were flabbergasted to discover it was indeed penned by George Michael?! We demoed the tune, then somehow shelved it, as we began writing what would become Oui. Upon receiving the dreadful news of his premature departure in 2016, we felt compelled to include that track on the album. We as UO are proud to represent a true music legend with this inaugural offering, from a record we've dedicated to another rock legend, Bobby Vee (who also passed later that year) in whose studio we recorded ‘Freedom’."

You can listen to "Freedom" below.

1. Freedom
2. A Necessary Evil
3. Follow My Shadow
4. How Sweet The Light
5. I Been Ready
6. A Prisoner’s Dilemma
7. Forgiven
8. Totem Pole
9. Litany
10. I Can’t Stay Glad@U
11. Won’t Let Go
12. Snow

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