Israeli punk vets Useless ID spent a lot of time on tour this year, and vocalist Yotam Ben-Horin also released his new solo album Young Forever. Now, Yotam has shared with us a list of his favorite albums of 2022, including the Pixies, Death Cab For Cutie, Hot Water Music, The Stereo, Sloan, Dry Cleaning, and more. Read on for his list, with commentary on each pick...

Yotam Ben-Horin's Favorite Albums of 2022

Pixies - Doggerel

Any time Pixies come out with an album, you know it’s going to be great. Doggerel is definitely an oddball for what Pixies fans would expect, there is more focus on the actual vibe of the songs than on the catchy quirky songwriting they’ve been known for. Either way, I’m a fan.

Gilbert O’ Sullivan - Driven

Gilbert O’ Sullivan is probably one of my favorite singer-songwriters, I mean the guy is in his 70’s and sits by the piano most of the day searching for melodies and records them on cassette tapes to his boombox. That’s inspirational.

Death Cab For Cutie - Asphalt Meadows

At some point in time Death Cab added some electronic elements to their sound but didn’t go overboard with it. It was done in style. Ben Gibbard’s voice by this point is so recognizable and the songwriting is top notch on this one from start to finish.

Hot Water Music - Feel The Void

We’ve known Hot Water Music for almost 25 years now, It’s amazing that even after all these years, they draw inspiration from a well that for many has seemed to dry out. A heartfelt album with thoughtful personal lyrics. One of the best sounding albums of 2022 as well, Brian McTernan and gang crushed it.

The Stereo - Thirteen

I remember liking The Stereo back in the day but this album was just great. They definitely have a knack for good melodies and interesting song arrangements.

Nomke - Haim Acherim

Even though I don’t live in Israel anymore, I still try to stay up to date on the indie releases there and this one stood out for me. I happened to stumble upon Nomke and her band doing a radio show on YouTube and what you see is several musicians playing all for the sake of music. Everyone is having a blast playing their instruments, really warms the heart to see this.The album is in Hebrew and the production is great.

Rhett Miller - The Misfit

I heard about Rhett Miller through Russ Rankin so I checked it out. This album consists of great songwriting, cool arrangements and at times a psychedelic feel, he kind of jumps around stylistically all the while inserting his lyrical hooks.

Sloan - Steady

When I was recording Young Forever, producer Bob Hoag kept talking about Sloan, “Oh my god, you don’t know Sloan!!!” So I checked out Sloan and thought it was alright, didn’t really dig too deep. When Steady was released I instantly fell in love with the infectious melodies and nods to a different time in music, at times it reminded me of Squeeze and even Queen. A must if you’re into good 70’s style rock.

Dry Cleaning - Stumpwork

Wipers style riffs at times with female fronted vocals, I discovered Dry Cleaning on their previous release and loved the originality of it. There’s not much singing going on here, more like slam poetry over post punk background music.

Weatherstate - Never Better

Some bands take the Green Day influence and run with it, others like Weatherstate from the UK throw a spike into the mix and mess with the formula, adding grungy chords making them stand out from the typical pop punk you’d expect.

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