Cincinnati indie-pop-punks Vacation will release their first proper full-length album in three years, Existential Risks and Returns, on August 6 via Salinas Records (pre-order). We're premiering lead single "Colored By Numbers" and its animated video by bassist Evan Wolff. As Vacation have been doing for the past decade, this song finds them wrapping sweet power pop melodies in a revved-up, lo-fi punk exterior. To quote drummer Dylan McCartney, lyrically "the words are a plaintive and defiant document linking the song to the endless tale of human consciousness in a world wrought by cosmic malfeasance." Check it out below.


1. Color by Numbers
2. Ripe
3. Controlled Burn
4. Luminary Jerry
5. Lame Loss
6. Liberty Tax Statue Man
7. Deaf Years
8. Quantum Cafe
9. Scull In Lace
10. User Error
11. VFTA
12. Road Kill Cactus

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