Before Lollapalooza, we mentioned that Vampire Weekend had been touring with a new lineup (sans Rostam but with four new live members), bringing out guests (like Danielle Haim for a cover of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town"), doing other cool covers, playing songs from various side projects, and breaking out deep cuts, but that they still had yet to play music from their much-discussed fourth album. Then, at Lollapalooza, Vampire Weekend said on stage that the album is done and currently being mastered, and after that, at a Lollapalooza aftershow, Ezra Koenig played five of the unmastered new songs to the audience over the PA from his phone. It was a strictly no-phones show (at least one person snuck a pic, as you can see above, but we haven't found any video), but Stereogum pointed to a Reddit post from one attendee, who described the songs like this:

Ezra and the boys (and girl!) played a sold out Lollapalooza after-show tonight at the Metro in Chicago and for the encore Ezra plugged his phone into the house speakers and debuted five new songs while he sat on a speaker and watched the crowds reactions. He then played one new song with the band before moving on to “Mansard Roof” and “Walcott” to close ya out…

The new stuff was very cool and def good but looking forward to hearing it on good headphones. Last song he played was my favorite easily. The best way I could describe the sound is a more spacey and empty sounding record, almost reminiscent of [Fleet Foxes’] Crack Up in parts, but VERY bright and sunny — a summertime sound with almost a protest song sound vibe to them (no political lyrics I heard or anything like that), and then big dense flashes of instrumentation with heavy percussion and a slick almost sexy taste of 70s funk licks. Going to be an interesting record. They haven’t mastered anything but said they have a big amount of material with many different versions they are sorting through.

A post on fan site Team Vampire Weekend from another attendee reads: "General first impressions on how the new music from LP4 sounds: “springy”, “poppy”, and “light” (though the tracks were “clearly” unmastered). Some people say it’s quite different from VW’s previous music but others are saying it’s very similar to what they’ve done before."

The band also performed one of their new songs during the encore. Again, no video, but still exciting news that the band is starting to debut the new stuff!

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