David Lee Roth just did a lengthy interview with Vulture, and as MetalSucks points out, he seems to basically reveal that Van Halen have plans to play Yankee Stadium:

...next time my rock band will be playing the same place that the Yankees play. Okay?

Are you telling me that Van Halen will play Yankee Stadium next summer? You promised four New York copy editors free tickets today.

Yeah, but I can’t … If I say something on tape here and everybody goes, “Oh, this leaked…” But, the band will be — I can’t say.

Come on.

Well, I don’t know how far this privacy actually goes. But the band is solvent. And I can say that I contacted colleagues about being part of the show — Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Jason Aldean, the Foo Fighters, [Eric?] Church, and [Chris] Stapleton. And they all said that, if everything happens, they would certainly be involved.

So this would be a festival?

No, all I talked about was a phone call.

Well that would be something. Stay tuned to see how this pans out. The last time Van Halen played the NYC-area was at Jones Beach in 2015.

While the rumor mill is stirring, Guns N' Roses appear to be up to something too.

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