While Donald Trump skipped making an appearance himself, the New Year's Eve bash at his Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago, still made headlines for attendees' lack of social distancing and mask wearing -- and for its musical guests. Longtime Trump supporter Mike Love, with his touring edition of Beach Boys, was joined by Vanilla Ice, Berlin, and Taylor Dayne in performing at the party, and Berlin vocalist Terri Nunn and Vanilla Ice have now responded to criticism of their appearances.

In a post on Facebook, Nunn apologized, writing that she hadn't intended to support a political party, and saying that her contract said the event would be be "small" and "Covid-safe." "I am truly sorry I performed at Mar-a-Lago and would not have done so if I'd known what I learned while I was there," her statement reads. "My goal in performing was not to support a political party. I see now that that's not the way it appeared and I am apologetic for that as well. The contract stated it was a small Covid-safe event for the members of Mar-a-Lago. Unfortunately it was not Covid-safe anywhere in Florida. I had no idea masks and social distancing were not required. I thought I was current on all Covid news everywhere, but clearly I was not. I was shocked by Florida and Mar-a-Lago's lack of regard for the pandemic and if I'd known I would never have gone. Once I fulfilled my contractual obligation, I left the event as quickly as I could. It is a mistake I regret. I took a Covid 19 test yesterday and tested negative."

"My apologies to those in the LGBTQ community who thought my performance was a statement against them," Nunn continued. "I have been and always will be fully supportive."

Berlin co-founder David Diamond made a statement of his own distancing himself from the event. "A number of news outlets have reported that "Berlin" played Mar-a-Lago for NYE," he wrote on Twitter. "I want to make clear that I was not at this show, nor did I ever plan to attend. I spent the evening at my home in #Truckee. Happy new year everyone! -David"

Vanilla Ice was less than apologetic in his statement about the show. Responding to a comment on Instagram in a post from a visit to Disney World, he wrote, "Yes everything in Florida has been open since September. There are no Covid rules here, no lock down, bars, restaurants, concerts, Super Bowl all open. Everyone on New Year’s for the private event was tested for Covid prior to coming to the event, So it was safe not to wear a mask. We take Covid serious here in Florida. No one wants it. it is sad that anyone in the world died from it. But living in the bubble could be causing more trouble. This is all a test and no one really knows?"

Back in July, Vanilla Ice cancelled a planned Austin show over a COVID surge, writing, "Hopefully by New Year's this corona crap will have a cure."