When Vanilla Ice announced he was throwing a show in Austin on Fourth of July weekend that could theoretically attract 2500 people, as the city just had its second consecutive single-day record for COVID-19 cases, a lot of people who were not Rob Van Winkle thought it was a bad idea. Even this morning Ice was defending having the show, but now it's been cancelled.

"Basically, I'm not going," Vanilla Ice said in a recently posted Instagram video. "I listened to my fans, I hear all you people out there. I didn't know the numbers were so crazy in Austin, but we were hoping it would be a lot better by the fourth of July 'cause they booked this concert a long time ago. Just wanna stay safe, we do take it seriously. We were just hoping for a good time on Fourth of July weekend but it turned into being a big focal point on me and it's not about that." Smart move, Ice.

He added, "Hopefully by New Year's this corona crap will have a cure."

Watch that Instagram video below.

Meanwhile: DaBaby is apparently playing a July 4th concert in Georgia despite the state’s surge in COVID-19 cases.