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Vastum at Thee Parkside (photo by Taylor Keahey)

Underground metal label 20 Buck Spin (who, speaking of Pentagram, are named after a Pentagram song) have welcomed Vastum to the roster. Vastum are an unholy and punishing death metal beast from the Bay that features members of incredible acts like Infest, Acephalix, Saros, and Hammers of Misfortune. Carnal Law is the band's debut offering of galloping, mid-paced crusty death metal that draws more from the Autopsy/Entombed/Bolt Thrower school and forgoes flashy technical wizardry. Remember when death metal was truly brutal and not filled with post-production studio trickery? Vastum does. Stream Carnal Law in its entirety below and order a copy at 20 Buck Spin.

Meanwhile Acephalix is also preparing to release Interminable Night, their new disc for Southern Lord/Agipunk on May 24th. Drawing from similar influence as Vastum (Acephalix makes up 3/4 of Vastum), the band's new LP picks up where the band's pummeling debut full length Aporia left off with more crusty death metal and mixing in touches of d-beat destruction. Get the record on LP via Agipunk and the CD via Southern Lord, and look for them on a mostly West Coast tour that includes a stop at Chaos in Tejas (no NYC at the moment unfortunately).

All current dates, and the album stream, below...


Vastum - 2011 Tour Dates
7/01/2011 The Know - Portland, OR w/ Atriarch, Murderess
7/02/2011 Black Lodge - Seattle, WA w/ Ritual Necromancy, Anhedonist + Others
7/03/2011 Saratoga - Portland, OR w/ Knelt Rote, Negative Queen

ACEPHALIX / UNDERGANG -- 2011 Tour Dates
May 27th San Francisco,CA at the Hemlock w/Bruxers
May 28th San Jose,CA at the House of the Dead Rat
May 29th Los Angeles,CA at the BLVD w/ Semtex Vest, Exhausted Prayer, Malpractice Insurance
May 30th Long Beach,CA at Club Oasis w/ Axeman, Blue Hummingbird
May 31st Phoenix,AZ at the Inner City Youth Center w/ Extortion
June 1st El Paso,TX at Sleepless Nights
June 2nd Austin,TX Chaos in Tejas at Red7 w/ Hooded Menace, Bone Sickness, Mammoth Grinder
June 4th Houston,TX at Houston Free Press Summer Fest
June 5th Oklahoma City,OK at the Conservatory w/ From Worm To Man, Dischordia
June 6th Denver,CO at the Old Curtis Street w/ Anhedonist, Dodsfalla, Roskopp
June 7th Salt Lake City,UT at South Shore w/ Anhedonist, Yaotl Mictlan
June 8th Portland,OR at the Alleyway w/ Knelt Rote, Arterial Spray
June 9th Seattle,WA a the Black Lodge w/ Society Nurse, Anhedonist
June 10th Portland,OR at the East End w/ Murderess, Religious war
June 11th Arcata,CA at the Alibi
June 12th Oakland,CA at Victory Warehouse w/ Miasmal, Bone Sickness, Laudanum

ACEPHALIX European Tour 2011
September 14th Firenze (Italy)
September 15th Parma (Italy)
September 16th Bologna (Italy)
September 17th (Slovena)
September 18th Graz (Austria)
September 19th Wien (Austria)
September 20th (Slovakia)
September 21st Brno (Czech Republic)
September 22nd Prague (Czech Republic)
September 23rd Lipzia (Germany)
September 24th Berlin (Germany)
September 25th Hamburg (Germany)
September 27th Copenhagen (Denmark)
September 28th Stockolm (Sweden)
September 29th Jonkoping (Sweden)
September 30th Oslo (Norway)
October 1st Goteborg (Sweden)
October 2nd Aalboorg (Denmark)
October 3rd Liegi (Belgium)
October 4th Mullheim (Germany)
October 5th Nancy (France)
October 6th St Etienne (France)
October 7th Toulouse (France)
October 8th San Sebastian (Euskal Herria)
October 9th Xixon (Spain)
October 11th Bilbao (Euskal Herria)
October 12th Zaragoza (Spain)
October 13th Barcelona (Spain)
October 14th Montpellier (France)
October 15th (France)
October 16th (Italy)

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