Savannah metalcore band Vatican recently signed to UNFD and put out the two-song single Become A New God, and we're now premiering a third new single from the band, "Decemeta." It's an under-two-minute rager, and like the previous two songs, it fuses bone-crushing '90s/'00s style metalcore with futuristic electronics. It also comes with an animated video (by Beyond Sahaj) that depicts a city on fire and clearly takes some influence from '80s video games and Transformers.

"This song is about how we as a people love to see other people fail," vocalist Mike Sugars tells us. "There are plenty of times where it’s maybe best that this person goes away, but we’re always watching to see who’s next and always looking for the cracks in someone’s frame. To be honest, though, regarding the song’s name, I wanted to name it by how the song just makes me feel. I thought the song felt like a battle montage and landed on something like 'Decimation' or something not great like that. Then I took inspiration from NieR: Automata and Metal Gear Rising and combined decimation with the 'mata' thing. I just thought it looked and sounded cool."

About the video, drummer Josian Omar Soto-Ramos adds, "The 'Decemeta' music video came together when me and my friend Beyond Sahaj linked up to create a simple 3D model of VR unit mech. Whenever that was finished, I thought about the song we were going to release and tying it into the track. The first thing that popped in my head was a visualizer of it fighting off enemies in PlayStation 1 inspired style with a lot of explosions and flying. Specifically the Armored Core series immediately came to mind for this and made sense with the abrasive context of the song. Sahaj was super stoked on the idea and we started bouncing ideas back and forth. It was a lot of fun getting this idea made into a reality and it’s all thanks to him for doing a dope job. The video game inspired visuals are not something that I have to think that hard on when applying it to Vatican, it’s just a natural thing that the band enjoys doing and I’m grateful others feel like it’s cool too."

Vatican are currently busy tearing it up on tour with SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Greyhaven, and Wristmeetrazor. Read our review of the NYC show and see the list of remaining tour dates, along with the new video, below.

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