Savannah metalcore up and comers Vatican have signed to UNFD, and their first release fo the label is the double single Become A New God, which features the songs "Fractured God" and "Absolute Reality." Both songs are absolute ragers that fit right in with the current wave of metalcore (Knocked Loose, Vein, Chamber, etc), and they shake up their bone-crushing attack with tech-y patterns, atmospheric interludes, electronics, and other embellishments that keep them sounding fresh and unpredictable.

Vocalist Mike Sugars says, "'Fractured God' is about questioning who you are, and what makes up your individuality," he explains. "Are we truly individuals, or are we products of ideals passed on from last generations? Do we have our own ideals or are we just vessels for those we inherited?"

On "Absolute Reality," he adds, "We talk about undeniable truths, and how hard they are to find. There's a constant flow of information and disinformation in the world today, and it flows at an ever-increasing rate. How can we possibly take all of this and use it to create real context in a technological landscape where this information is disseminated out to users who just chew it up and repeat it?"

Check out both below...

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