Venomous Concept — the band formed by Napalm Death‘s Shane Embury and former Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp that currently also includes Napalm Death’s touring guitarist John Cooke and former Cancer drummer Carl Stokes — have announced their fifth album, The Good Ship Lollipop, due February 24 via Decibel Records (pre-order). “When the pandemic hit, we decided we needed to make an album that didn’t fit,” Shane said in a statement. “We all loved so much other kind of punk and rock, so why not explore that which is, in essence, closer to our hearts? To do the same album over and over again would be boring.”

The first taste is “Voices,” a caustic, metallic punk song and a real ripper that makes this album seem very promising. Check it out below.

1. The Good Ship Lollipop
2. Timeline
3. Slack Jaw
4. Pig
5. Clinical
6. Fractured
7. Voices
8. So Sick
9. Flowers Bloom
10. The Humble Crow
11. Can’t Lose
12. Everything is Endlessness
13. Life’s Winter