Verboten's deep house yoga

This Saturday (3/14), Williamsburg dance club Verboten turns one year old, and all week they're celebrating their one-year anniversary. Tonight (3/9) and Tuesday (3/10) the celebration includes a special edition of the weekly Willkommen Deep House Yoga classes at 7 and 8:30 PM. Here's more info:

For these special dates, Willkommen features live musical accompaniment to bring together mind, body and music. The classes take advantage of Verboten's large, skylit Control Room and cushioned, reclaimed wood floor, and feature Lululemon yoga mats and complimentary snacks from Divine Chocolates. Smoothies, water, coconut water and full bar are available. Says Huffington Post, "Deep House Yoga takes "wellness clubbing" a step further, creating an opportunity for full-body contemplation in an environment that otherwise may feel incongruous to meditation and reflection. But the unlikely combination worked."

Tickets for all four classes are on sale now, and you can get a complimentary anniversary ticket using the code VERBOTEN001.

Deep House isn't the only underground genre of music with yoga classes in NYC. Saskia Thode also offers Metal Yoga at Saint Vitus and Cobra Club, and Scab Casserole recently interviewed her for Invisible Oranges. Here's an excerpt:

What do metal and yoga have in common?
Yoga and metal both have the ability to be deep and touching, and both are a great method of release. They allow you to get into that zone that makes you be able to forget everything around you and to just be in the moment. Both are meditative . . . I know a yogi who has no love for metal would not agree, but how many of us metalheads get lost in a good song or at a good show, just like a yogi gets lost in their own yoga practice?

Tell me about the Metal Yoga class. When did you start it? When does it occur?

I started off with a few metal yoga classes at Saint Vitus in June and July, and since August I have a metal yoga class on the schedule at the Cobra Club in Bushwick. The classes are every Wednesday at 6:30 pm, and Sundays at 3 pm. There will be more classes at Saint Vitus in the new year. Depending on the schedule at Vitus, they will give me days when they don't have a show scheduled. I'd love to do more at Saint Vitus, or even have a weekly class there.

What's the most metal yoga pose?

The most metal yoga pose . . . hmmmm . . . all the warrior poses are fierce and devotional and totally metal. I have people open up their hearts to Satan in some poses and bring their horns up into the air.

Read the rest of that interview HERE.

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