If you're familiar with Sierra Kay at all, it's probably from VersaEmerge, her Fueled by Ramen-signed band who kinda tried to be Paramore with blacker eyeliner and even less symmetrical haircuts. No part of me thought I'd ever thought I'd be excited about her music, but it's 2016 -- the year Justin Bieber and The Chills tie on the Pazz & Jop poll -- so just about anything is possible. Sierra's got a new band called Neaux that she formed with Nick Fit, who's played with Trash Talk and formed Loss Leader with Patrick Kindlon (Self Defense Family, Drug Church), and they're pretty good! Definitely not what you'd expect from someone who spent a decade in the Warped Tour/Hot Topic/Fueled by Ramen world.

The duo is backed by Ryan Briggs of the now-defunct straightedge band Have Heart and Chris Peters. Their debut album, Fell Off The Deep End, comes out September 16 via Iron Pier (home to a few Self Defense Family records), and it's decidedly more rooted in shoegazy alt-rock than her former band. The recording is more lo-fi, the atmospheres are hazy, and the choruses are sweet. Every now and then Sierra whips out her Warped Tour-y strained vocals, but she's mostly channeling something more subdued (the press release said "for fans of Curve" and I'd say that's pretty applicable here).

Ahead of the album's release, the band made a video for "Make Me Stay," and that premieres in this post. Check it out, and if you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album.

Neaux also have shows coming up with Devil Wears Prada side project God Alone, and Belonger. All dates are listed below.


Fell Off The Deep End Tracklist
Somewhere Up North
High Hopes
Only Lonely
Make Me Stay
Beaten Bruised and Over It
Deep Dive
Sorry I Said It


Neaux -- 2016 Tour Dates
8/25 • Chicago, IL • Gman Tavern
8/26 • South Bend, IN • The Well
8/27 • Grand Rapids, MI • the upper room
8/28 • Wyandotte, MI • the rockery
8/29 • Pittsburg, PA • mr. Roboto project
8/30 • Columbus, OH • double happiness
8/31- Nashville, TN • TBA

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