Speedy Ortiz associate Very Fresh is the project of Cindy Lou Gooden, who used to be Pavement cover band Babement with Speedy singer Sadie Dupuis. She's gearing up to release her new EP, Hey, It's Me!, on November 4 (pre-order), and we're premiering its track "Schedule IV." Like past Very Fresh songs, it's up a similar '90s-rock-inspired alley to Speedy Ortiz, and this one in particular has a strong Nirvana influence (complete with a "sell the kids for food" lyric). Check it out:

Very Fresh have two NYC shows coming up. The first is this Sunday (10/2), opening the Music Hall of Williamsburg stop of Tacocat's tour. Dude York is on the bill too, and tickets are still available. The other show is on October 17 at The Glove with We Can All Be Sorry and The Owens.