by Andrew Sacher

Vetter Kids

Texas trio Vetter Kids recently recently contributed a track to a split with Glish and Young /// Savage, and they're now set to release their debut EP, III, on May 20 via Texas Is Funny Records (pre-order). The guys are unabashed '90s lovers, and not unlike other contemporary bands Cloud Nothings or Title Fight, they're pulling from both grunge and post-hardcore. They told Impose:

We are all 90's kids. So it definitely slips in. Growing up on Pinkerton, In Utero and Four Minute Mile is no joke, but at the end of the day we are just desperately trying to make ourselves smile. Not to get all zen and shit!

You can hear it slip in for yourself on "Santa Fe, NM," the new single from their EP which premieres in this post.

Listen below...


Vetter Kids - "Santa Fe, NM"

Vetter Kids

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