NYC ska vets The Slackers returned this year with Don't Let the Sunlight Fool Ya, and now vocalist Vic Ruggiero is gearing up for a new solo album, Stuff In My Pockets, due February 10 via Org Music (pre-order). The album was made across three recording sessions with different backing musicians at each one -- one in Philly, one in Brooklyn, and one in Beacon, NY -- and we're premiering the video for lead single "Everyday Things." It's a soulful, swaggering, garage rock song fueled by the attitude of Vic's unmistakable voice, and Vic wrote this little poem to accompany it:

Dostoyevsky’s window beside a schoolyard… he always wakes for an hour at 8am!

Einstein, coffee spilled on his shirt and now late for the office gig again...

Billie Holiday fuming at the corner store over cigarettes!

Oh! Peculiar tragedies amidst exploding cosmos!

To simply say,

“Hey, no big deal, c’mon…” never helps,

just leads to the eternal spiraling arguments.

…lonely again and searching for a diner that knows how to poach an egg.

The video was directed by JC Griffith and Max Look, and it stars Vic, Taylor Venegas, and Charlie the dog. Check it out below.

A1 Now We Know
A2 Adam and Eve
A3 Everyday Things
A4 Just Like You
A5 Lonesome Track
B1 No One Knows
B2 Pot of gold
B3 Right and Wrong
B4 Stuff In My Pockets
B5 Wonder

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