New York Magazine has a new feature on the state of Vice and its news program that is no longer on HBO, and it includes this fun* tidbit:

As many have observed, the lawlessness that characterized an earlier era of Vice, which remains a key component of the brand’s appeal, has also given way behind the scenes to the kind of rigid human-resources apparatus of a company looking to be taken seriously. This spring, as part of Vice’s annual Weed Week around 4/20, a Vice producer came up with the idea to make a video in which Lil Yachty, the rapper, would try to set the Guinness World Record for rolling the world’s heaviest blunt. The idea was approved, but the amount of weed that was purchased and sent to the Vice office was enough to qualify them as a marijuana distributor. Two senior employees were fired as a result.

That said, that bit is slightly suspect since Lil Yachty famously doesn't even smoke weed, though maybe it was going to be a publicity stunt tied to the movie where he pretends he does.

Anyway, the whole article is interesting, and you can read it in full HERE.

* not fun for those who were reportedly fired. We do feel bad about that.

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