A few posts ago, I reported that Vice Records is no longer releasing the Annie album. A few posts ago, I reported seeing Vice Records signee, Bloc Party, at Bowery Ballroom. If you haven't heard yourself say "grime" yet, you probably will soon. If you haven't heard Vice's Grime compilation, you probably should. The Streets. DFA 1979. The list goes on.

How does the mysterious Vice do it? What's their story? What happened with Annie?

“We love the Annie record. But this is a tough one, because I do feel like Vice Records is not just about music. It’s also all the different Vice entities, and for what Vice sort of means to people, having that incredibly cute Norwegian pop singer doesn’t really fit the mold, no matter how great she is.”

"The buzz surrounding Bloc Party has exploded in recent weeks, and as the band is on the verge of mainstream exposure, Vice is learning to handle a new beast."

Those answers at more at the Columbia Spectator: The Virtues of Vice

Thanks to Joey of Tale of Two Cities and NOW Curbed for the link.

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