It's like if the cast of The OC, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars & Grey's Anatomy all got together for one big Christmas special hosted by Zach Braff...

"The encore ended with two Postal Service songs. Gibbard started “Nothing Better” and in time for where her vocals were on the album, Jenny Lewis strolled onto the stage. The crowd went nuts, of course. She delivered her lines with some major style. They both seemed genuinely enthused to be on stage at that moment. (And, let’s be honest, a lot more polished than the last time I saw them together on stage in April 2003 when the Postal Service toured through Boston). The show, of course, closed with “Such Great Heights” with Gibbard on lead and Jenny Lewis, John Vanderslice and Bazan singing backups. (This, I imagine and I gathered from the number of camera phones and cameras out, lead to many of what my friend would call “hipstorgasms”). It was a nice version of an overplayed tune, I have to admit." [ipickmynose]

From Wikipedia:

The song "Such Great Heights" was written by Ben Gibbard with friend Aaron Kaplan in 2003, according to an interview with Gibbard in Spin magazine.
The song has been used for...
the ROBOT FOOD snowboard film "Lame"
the UPN drama Veronica Mars.
the Grey's Anatomy original soundtrack.
the trailer of the show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County Season 1.
a TV advertisement for FUSE's show The Dive.
a TV advertisement for Kaiser Permanente that aired in California and Hawaii.
a Dutch TV advertisement for a company called StartPeople.
a featured part of UPS's "Whiteboard" ad campaign, which launched January 6, 2007.[6]
a flashback sequence in Episode 4-12 of the CBS drama Cold Case.
a PROGRESSIVE TV ad campaign which features several different parts of the song
Such Great Heights has also been...
on the top 10 of the music site,, ever since the site started logging its charts until the week of 11 March 2007 where 8 of the 10 slots were taken by tracks from The Arcade Fire's album Neon Bible.
Ben Folds performed a cover version of "Such Great Heights" on Australian television, on jtv's "Like a Version" segment.
Iron & Wine's version of the song "Such Great Heights" was part of of the movie Garden State. It was also used for a TV advertisement for M&M's candy, and a British TV advertisement for The original also served as a trailer for Garden State.

Zach Braff actually did host the season finale of SNL this weekend.

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