UPDATE: Deftones just postponed their tour with Gojira to 2022.



Last week, a rare clip of Deftones performing on the community access TV show Sacto Active Rock in 1992 -- at which point they had only released a few demos and were still three years away from their 1995 debut album Adrenaline -- surfaced, and now the Sacramento Music Archive have released a full high-quality, digitized version of the entire 27-minute appearance, including both performances and interviews.

"We have been sitting on this one for a long time- many years- but thanks to Lizz Fisher, we can finally post this," Sacramento Music Archive's Shayne Stacy wrote. "Thanks as well to Romain Coquette, who helped gather permission from the band to post the one song that has since gone a bit viral. This version is a higher quality transfer off of Lizz’ (the show’s host AND producer) personal tape."

Lizz mentions in the first interview with the band that then-drummer John Taylor (who left in 1993 and was permanently replaced by Abe Cunningham) was also the sound guy for Sacto Active Rock at the time, and the band's music is a lot different than the sound they became famous for at this point. They hadn't yet adopted the nu metal sound of Adrenaline or the heavy shoegaze that followed; instead, they're more of a grungy alternative rock band with some reggae influence and just a hint of metal. It's also pretty wild to see them looking like a local high school band instead of rock stars, but even at this stage they sound pretty tight. Watch the full thing below.

For more old Sacto Active Rock videos, browse the Sacramento Music Archive.

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