How many Neko Case bandmembers can you squeeze into a dressing room?

We've already posted a bunch of videos this week like The Weeknd's Portishead-nicking new song, Earl Sweatshirt, Titus Andronicus covering "Glory Days", David Bowie, and more. But unfortunately we don't get to all the cool videos that come out during the week (or weeks), so here's our attempt at playing catch-up. Check out videos from FIDLAR (featuring more of Nick Offerman than you may be ready for), Johnny Marr, Braids, CocoRosie, Coliseum, Mikal Cronin, The Flaming Lips, Neko Case, one of Vampire Weekend giving advice to teenage girls, and more, below.


FIDLAR - Cocaine (ft. Nick Offerman)

Funny or Die produced this video for FIDLAR's shout-along-anthem, featuring well-known Man Expert and comedian Nick Offerman as a dude who gets fired, gets drunk and then unleashes his bladder on the world that done him wrong. Even if there are prosthetics involved, this is pretty much NSFW.


Coliseum - "Doing Time" Official Video

Coliseum's awesome new record, Sister Faith, came out earlier this year, and it's the kind of post-hardcore that sounds great blasting out of your car windows on the open road, so it's appropriate that their new video for its track, "Doing Time," spends about half its duration filmed from the point of a view of a driver. Check it out.


CocoRosie - "Child Bride" Official Video

CocoRosie's new album, Tales of a Grass Widow, is characteristically weird and commanding, and those vibes are kept up in the new video for its track, "Child Bride."


Johnny Marr - "New Town Velocity"

This song, from Johnny Marr's solo debut album, The Messenger, maybe be the most Smiths-y sounding riff he's produced since his days in The The. The video has him walking around his old Manchester hometown, looking at buildings. Apparently it's based on "Psychogeography philosophy of the Situationist Movement." We'll take his word on that but it's a nice tune! Catch Marr on tour this fall.


Funny or Die Dressing Room Sessions: Neko Case

Thanks to the internet, there are few places a person can go these days without encountering some famous indie artist performing special acoustic versions of their songs. The latest invasion of privacy: the dressing room at your local thrift shop for a series from Funny or Die. First up is Neko Case, whose new album is out in September. Think you have trouble squeezing into those jeans? See her and her band fit into one small stall. We have a feeling this will be the only installment of Dressing Room.


Mikal Cronin "Change" on 'CONAN' 07/16/13

Mikal Cronin was just here yesterday (7/18), playing the MoMA Nights series. Before that he stopped by CONAN, to play "Change," from his terrific new album, MCII.


The Flaming Lips - "Turning Violent" Official Video

Just as The Flaming Lips were doing some shows with Spiritualized and frontman Wayne Coyne was making a comic book, they also made a video for "Turning Violent" off their new album, The Terror. Despite their love of nudity, this one is totally safe for work. But watch it anyway:


Vampire Weekend answering questions from teenage girls for 'Rookie Mag'

Online magazine targeted at teenage girls, Rookie Mag, featured Vampire Weekend in their latest installment of "Ask a Grown Man," where band members Ezra Koenig and Chris Baio answer questions about dating, sex, porn, and other mysteries of life. It gets pretty good.


Braids - "In Kind"

Montreal's Braids will release their new album, Flourish // Perish, in August via Arbutus. For the video for the LP's "In Kind," director Angus Borsos sets their soundscapes against gorgeous vistas, giving new meaning to "panoramic pop."



California label/record store Burger Records gets mentioned a lot on BV, due in no small part to they release about 10 records/cassettes a week and have almost entirely cornered the market on glam/garage/powerpop bands. They also have a video series, BRGRTV, and the latest episode comes live from The Burger Boogaloo, which took place in San Francisco over Independence Day weekend. What does Jello Biafra think of McDonalds? Tune in and find out:


Prabhu Deva - "Urvasi Urvasi"

And finally, this is not new but caught our attention when Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs posted it on his Facebook today, saying "Start your day right. Watch the greatest music video of all time ! I promise." It's actually from the 1994 Bollywood film, Kadhalan featuring the impressive moves of Prabhu Deva, but that doesn't diminish its greatness.

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