Marching band

You don't need to be a sports fan, or even a video game fan, to agree that what this marching band can do is pretty amazing. Watch the clip from Saturday's Ohio/Nebraska halftime show, below...

The Ohio State University Marching Band -
TBDBITL Halftime 10-6-12 Video games Nebraska

Look for:
Space Invaders: Gameplay
Pokèmon: Pokèballs
Pokèmon: Pikachu
Tetris: Gameplay
Mario: ?????
Mario: Coin Blocks
Mario: Star
Mario: Mario Head
Halo: Covenant Head
Halo: Covenant Design or Needler or ...
Halo: Logo
Zelda: Hylian Crest with Tri-Force
Zelda: Link's Horse, Epona, Running
Zelda: Master Sword
Mario: Castle and Flag
Pac-Man: Gameplay
Game Over

and, same band, a few weeks ago:

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