In today's installment of 'Indie Rock Orgy'....

It was the end of a nice drunken evening in Paris with Zach Condon. We sang and played guitar and toy piano. And when we went home, we made this present to Ed Droste and Grizzly Bear. ***This is not a Take Away Show. The real Beirut Take Away Show will be later***

Also from that drunken evening...

A small guitar, Sidi Ali form France, Zach condon from the US, some beers and Hallelujah...

'The Knife' has also been sung by a choir, covered by some kids, mixed with the other Knife, covered by CSS?, covered by Born Ruffians, and mashed up with Clipse.

Sometimes Final Fantasy Owen is playing with Ed. Sometimes he's playing with Zach.

And since I already posted the picture of Zach and Ed that would have gone better in this post, here's one of Ed and Feist instead - taken backstage at Bonnraoo this weekend:

Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear with Feist

Feist and Grizzly Bear just toured together, and played Town Hall in NYC. Feist is playing McCarren Pool. Grizzly Bear is playing Summerstage. Beirut has three shows coming up in September.

La Blogoteque has also filmed Grizzly Bear.