Metallica @ Bonnaroo 2008 (cred)
Metallica @ BOnnaroo

I hate Metallica now too, but that doesn't change the fact that they used to be the best...

Metallica - Bonnaroo 2008 - Master of Puppets

Metallica - Bonnaroo 2008 - Seek and Destroy

Metallica - Bonnaroo 2008 - Last Caress

Metallica - Bonnaroo 2008 - Whiplash

Metallica - Bonnaroo 2008 - Ride the Lightning

Metallica - Bonnaroo 2008 - Creeping Death

Bonnaroo began in earnest Friday with the rarest of double bills: Chris Rock followed by Metallica.

Metallica's Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett introduced Rock, and the comedian in turn introduced who he called "the baddest ... band in the world." Both acts were unlikely fare for the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, which began in 2002 as primarily a jam band event.

But in recent years, Bonnaroo has broadened itself and brought more diverse fans to its 700-acre countryside site south of Nashville. Among the tens of thousands of festival-goers, Rock, Metallica and many other performers were very conscious of their entry into a tie-dyed world they seldom traffic in.

In a bit in his set about Prozac and other medications, Rock chastised the crowd, who he said was likely on "performance-enhancing drugs."

"You all should be ashamed of yourselves for taking antidepressants to see a comedian," joked Rock. "I am an antidepressant!"

Metallica also touted its cheerfulness.

"Do you feel good?" lead singer James Hetfield asked the crowd. "Metallica is here to make you feel better." [AP]

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